Citrix Chained Reboot Scripts, now supporting Citrix Cloud, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD), and XenApp/XenDesktop 5, 6, 6.5, and 7.x!

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Updated 2018.12.22: Revision 1.9 Now Supports Citrix Cloud!

One script now works with all current and modern versions of XenApp, XenDesktop, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD), and Citrix Cloud Virtual Apps and Desktops Service from 7.0 and later, through 1811.

In zero-downtime 24/7 environments with shift employees, customers rarely want users to be notified of scheduled or mandatory XenApp server reboots. As a result, most of these environments have reboots disabled or this process is done manually. Unfortunately, this isn’t a good process since the XenApp servers are susceptible to memory leaks which can lead to failure and poor performance. By utilizing the included Chained reboot scripts, environments can take advantage of N+1 overallocation by processing a single server reboot while maintaining the user load on remaining systems. This has been done in such a way that users are not kicked off the system for scheduled reboots.  Instead, the server is removed from load balancing until all sessions have been logged off. Once all sessions have been logged off, the server will go down for a reboot.

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  1. JuergJuerg04-21-2015

    Can’t download the file. By clicking onto ‘Click to Download from’, the following message appears: ‘The link you are trying to access does not exist.’

  2. Danny de WolfDanny de Wolf03-23-2015

    Does anyone have any issues where the FARMLOOPINTERVAL is not working right ? I set the interval time to 170 hours, but it seems that it goes straight back into the loop to disable the first server instead of waiting. the numbers I see in the email I get (of how many hours are left) are also completely wrong. I’ve got about 30 servers, so it takes a while before all of them are done, but I would prefer the script to wait a week after the last server is done…
    Any help would be muchly appreciated 🙂


  3. Matt JuaireMatt Juaire03-03-2015

    One nice thing to have would be to have a way to have the script (in XenApp 5) skip a server if its Load Evaluator is the same as the Maintenance LE (or possibly also look for a load of 10000). This would help prevent servers that have been flagged as offline to stay offline if it is required for any particular reason.

  4. WesWes02-04-2015

    I have implemented this as a scheduled task that starts at 10 PM, using your guidance on creating a scheduled task. It seems as if the reboots keep getting later and later in the morning. It is only rebooting four servers. I would like those servers to reboot between 10 PM and 2 AM, so that they reboot during a monitoring blackout period. How can I do this?

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