Citrix OpenCloud Access

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During the recent XenDesktop 5 announcements Citrix also announced that Dazzle will no longer be a standalone product.  As you know Citrix has been trying to make the “Citrix Receiver” an all in one agent with a plug-in framework to add additional functionality.  Following the Receiver model Dazzle was re-architected as a Citrix Receiver plug-in and rebranded “Enterprise App Store Plug-in”.  This new plug-in provides much more than what Dazzle did in the past, adding the ability to tie into the Citrix OpenCloud Access Platform.  The OpenCloud Access Platform is a solution to provide a single pain of glass “app store” that delivers Enterprise apps, XenApp/XenDesktop Published or Streamed apps, SaaS apps, and Cloud/IaaS extended apps.  I figured this was just an updated Dazzle or PNAgent but I was way off.  Citrix worked with a company called Apere to integrate Citrix NetScaler with Apere’s federated identity management, SSO, and provisioning systems.  This will allow Citrix Receiver to deliver any type of application to users and all they need to know is there single Active Directory login.   The solution also brings automated user and application provisioning based group membership and administrator determined workflows.

This solution will be released before the end of the year, and will go head to head with VMware’s recently announced “Project Horizon”. Read more at the links below.

Citrix White Paper:

Citrix Solutions from Apere’s site:

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