Weekly Roundup #1

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As you can see from the title I am starting a series called the Weekly Roundup. These posts will be an aggregate of articles, blog posts, white papers, etc. pertaining to Server Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, Application Virtualization/Delivery, and Microsoft technologies. This is a learning process so if you have any suggestions or requests please let me know…

XenServer Resource Links:
This is a great resource for all things XenServer. It includes links for things like best practices, free training, and deep dives in different areas like networking and storage.

PubForum 2010 recorded sessions and presentations:

This is a must have for anyone in the SBC or VDI field. PubForum is a conference similar to BriForum in that it is heavily focused on the SBC and VDI market. This link provides full access to all the recordings and presentations from this year’s PubForum in Berlin and Frankfurt.

XenDesktop Design Handbook:

The title is a little misleading because this is much more than just a static document. Daniel Feller has put together this site, or what Citrix is calling a “Kit”, that has all the relevant XenDesktop and Provisioning Server Implementation Guides, Design Guides, and Reference Architectures. What make this even better is you can follow this as an RSS feed that the content is dynamic so they can update at any time.

Inefficiencies of vCenter and its availability:

The topic of vCenter high availability has been a topic of debate since it was released. Now more than ever enterprises are relying on vCenter and this article does a great job of explaining vCenter’s inefficiencies.

Remote Display Protocols, “Smile if you’re using Citrix HDX”:

This post shows a comparison of remote display protocols including PCoIP, ICA/HDX, RDP, EOP, etc. The video presentation that is linked to in this post from TechEd 2010 is also very good.

vStorage API’s for Array Integration, VAAI:

Duncan Epping does a great job of detailing VAAI functionality which was released with vSphere 4.1

Is VMware planning to support Hyper-V and XenServer?

This topic is still in the rumor-mill but some code was found that may point to VMware supporting Hyper-V and XenServer form a management standpoint.

Attachmate acquires Novell

Many speculated that VMware was looking to purchase Novell but enterprise software vendor Attachmate has beat them to the punch.

Citrix Receiver for Android 2.0 Released:

Citrix Receiver 2.0 for Android brings many enhancements including for an optimized interface for tablets running the Android OS.

Citrix IRC:

This IRC channel is not new but well worth a look. If you want real time responses to a Citrix related question this is your place. This is also a place to answer people’s questions and interact with other Citrix gurus in your free time.

That wraps up the first Weekly Roundup, I hope it was informational. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions!


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