RES Workspace manager: Additional mailboxes

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One of the sys admins at a customer attended me to the following problem and solution (Thanks Niek!)

RES Workspace Manager can be used to provide data to configure Outlook, when this is done the user normally gets his own mailbox and have to connect other mailboxes manually. But the User Settings – Outlook template doesn’t support this in the zero-profiling.  To solve this problem the ‘HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWindows Messaging Subsystem” should be added to the zero-profiling.



After applying this to the right application (or user group, devices and location or workspace container) zero-profiling is used to ‘roam’ these extra mailboxes for the users. I was told that RES Software had a lot of questions about this and this should be available by default in the next release.

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