Citrix: Profile Management Cross-platform Settings Beta

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Citrix just released  Profile Management Cross-platform Settings Beta available for download at MyCitrix:

Cross-platform settings is not creating a singular profile but enables application specific settings to roam across OS versions – applications like Office.  Any support, questions or feedback should be submitted in the support forum.

This capability allows admins to define application and desktop settings in a profile that should roam from one OS to another.  E.g. Settings for AppA are supported on 2003, 2008, XP and Win7.  Settings for AppB are only supported on XP and Win7.  This Beta has built-in application definitions for Office (2007 and 2010) and Internet Explorer and is configured to roam to all OS versions.  The full list of settings and apps may be seen after installation (there is am XML file for each app and desktop setting).

Our primary focus for this is getting insight into the admin experience (is it a viable way to handle these types of settings) and to better understand what apps (and types of apps) are likely to be supported across multiple OSes.  E.g. we expect this to primarily be helper apps like Office and Adobe Reader but want to make sure we understand all such apps.  Citrix wants ensure it is enough of an out of box experience and does not create obstacles to adoption and use.  We look forward to your feedback.

Please note that this Beta is only available to current XenApp and XenDesktop customers.

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