HDX Unleashed and goes Whatever Whenever Wherever

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imageLast month during Citrix Synergy Citrix announced updated Citrix receivers for a lot of devices. Most important is that all devices running Windows, Linux and Mac OSX Lion will get full HDX support in the near future.

Why is full HDX support so important? We tell our customers that they can work and get a as local experience wherever they are, whenever they want to do it and on whatever device they are working on. …… Then we tell them “oh wait you will have to use a Windows device for all the HDX features and a Linux device for some of them, oh you own a Mac oe that’s to bad you won’t get any HDX features”. Fortunately this is al gone and our users will get the full media rich experience on any of those Operating Systems.

Is that all? No, it gets even better! Some HDX features are coming to the iPad as well. Don’t expect HDX flash because IOS (iPad and iPhone OS) and Flash is not going to happen but some of the media redirection stuff is coming. The only thing I have seen until now is video redirection so we’ll have to wait a bit to know exactly what features will be offered. Wouldn’t it be great to use Skype or Lync in a Citrix desktop session with audio/video and webcam support on an iPad.

For a demo of the new receiver for the iPad open the link http://t.co/bYnKlb0. Video is created and uploaded by Gus Pinto one of the Apple developers working for Citrix.

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