First impression of HDX 3D Pro for XenDesktop 5

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After the release of the HDX 3D Pro Tech Preview for XenDesktop 5 I thought it was time to upgrade my home “datacenter”. Bought a Core I5 with 8GB of memory and a Geforce 430 GT with 96 Cuda Cores.

What I found out and should have checked before I bought the system is that for XenServer GPU pass-through features you need Intel VT-D and Nvidia SLI Multi-OS and both are a no go for my new system. To bad but those features would have doubled the price tag!

So what now? I just changed my test setup from virtual to physical. Installed Windows 7 with SP1 and ran the VDA Tech Preview installer. Ticked HDX 3D Pro and loaded the license file.

After some playing around I tried switching the CPU and GPU codec for rendering the ICA stream. I used Passmark Performance Test with the following configuration.










The results are very impressive. When using the CPU codec my client measures a datastream of almost 6 MB/s while the GPU codec doesn’t get beyond 2 MB/s. So while using the CPU codec the image quality is great the GPU codec saves almost 4 MB/s with the same quality.

Please check the video for a quick demo. Click on it to watch in Full Screen.

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  1. EnricEnric08-29-2011

    At last!
    I’m expecting a new version of HDX 3D Pro Graphics appear soon!
    It seemed that Citrix has forgotten that this product existed.
    Do you have more information about its release date? Did you test it with a workstation with a dual monitor configuration?
    Thank you so much! I will be following your blog waiting for more info 🙂



    • adminadmin11-18-2011

      It has been out for a while now!

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