Cloud Gateway Part 1 – Versions explained

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Let’s start with explaining the somewhat confusing naming conventions you will find in the documentation regarding Citrix Cloud Gateway. When you look at the Citrix product pages Citrix refers to the names Cloud Gateway Express and Cloud Gateway Enterprise. When you dig only a little  bit deeper suddenly they start talking about stuff like “Storefront Services” and “AppController”. To make it even more confusing, in some docs you will find all the names mixed and matched.

Let’s start with making things simple and short

  • Citrix CloudGateway Express comprises of two components 1. Storefront Services and 2. Gateway Services
  • Citrix CloudGateway Enterprise comprises of three components 1. Storefront Services, 2. Gateway Services and 3. AppController

When you go to the download page of the Citrix Cloud Gateway Express you are actually downloading the Storefron Services component, when you go to the Cloud Gateway Enterprise page you download the AppController.

Cloud Gateway Express

The Cloud Gateway Express is the product that will replace the Web Interface as the portal to your XenApp and XenDesktop environment.

Only stating that this as a “new” version of the Web Interface would be a mistake but the functionality is the same. Please watch the 2nd blog in this blog series for a complete review.

Cloud Gateway Enterprise

Cloud Gateway Enterprise a.k.a. AppController is a new product with new functionality. This is the first product which safely and easy implements Single Sign On and automatic account (de)provisioning for SaaS applications.

You can use the functionality on its own by using the Cloud Gateway Enterprise MyWebApps webpage or even better integrate it with the Citrix Receiver you already use for internal apps and desktops. This is where Cloud Gateway Express comes in where you can configure the AppController just like you would configure a XenApp farm or XenDesktop site.

Please watch the 3rd blog in this blog series for a complete review.

Updated 6 januari 2012

Updated the first part of the article, where I started with simply stating Cloud Gateway Express = Storefront services and Cloud Gateway Enterprise is AppController. Thanks to Jochem Langerak for informing me that that wasn’t completely accurate!

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  1. UbjectiveUbjective03-11-2012

    Thanks for doing Citrix’s job in clearly explaining the differences in the products. The marketing machine at Citrix has been confusing all of us in the field for years now. Clarity people, clarity.

  2. Jochem LangerakJochem Langerak01-06-2012

    Barry, According to this citrix partner page: CloudGateway Enterprise comprises of the three key components together:
    1. StoreFront services
    2. AppController
    3. Gateway Services (through access gateway stand-alone or as Netscaler feature).

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