RES: ‘This item referred to by this shortcut..’ error

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Yesterday one of my colleagues reported an error at one of our customers stating the following while logging onto a published desktop (XA6.5 with RES WM2011): “The item referred to by this shortcut cannot be accessed. You may not have the appropriate permissions”. The error was displayed by pfwsmgr.exe.



If you clicked on the red cross in your taskbar you would see that the RES Workspace Manager – Workspace Composer is displaying this error and when the Workspace Composer was selected there would be another error message stating that there’s no access to the device, path or file, basically it was giving an access denied message.


reswm0066When we used ProcMon to determine which process was causing this message we found that Workspace Manager had some problems locating the programs that where run from the network. After that it was pretty clear what the problem was, somebody was editing the NTFS permissions on the fileshare which hosted those program. The user couldn’t access that fileshare anymore so Workspace Manager couldn’t proceed with building the start menu.

I want to thank Misja for the screenshots and for helping me write this blogpost.

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