RES: RES Software Most Valuable Professional of 2011 Award

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On Thursday 16th of Februari the RES PartnerFocus event was held in the Verkade factory  in Den Bosch, during this event RES Software informs it’s partners about the results of the past year and the plans for the upcoming year. There where a lot of good sessions planned but first the opening keynote was given which was followed by a session on IT Consumerization and ‘Iedereen de werkplek die het beste werkt’ (a follow up on ‘Making the desktop dynamic’).

After the first break a couple of sessions you could choose a track to attend:

Licensing & Packaging RES Workspace Manager 2012: What’s new
Strategisch Pitchen RES Automation Manager 2012: What’s new
Bring your own.. Whatever IT is een Dienst met de dynamische werkplek
Service Orchestration is een koekie Gratis en voor niks een werkplek die voor iedereen het beste werkt
Neem een duik in de werkplek die het beste werkt RES Software partner strategie update

Rob Aarts, Patrick Kaak and Ingmar Verheij did an excellent job on a wrap up of news from this event:

Highlights van de RES Software Partner Dag (In Dutch by Patrick Kaak)

Be aware, RES is about to unleash WM2012! (by Ingmar Verheij)

RG043 – RES AM: Dispatcher+ Explained (by Rob Aarts)


At the end of the day there was an award ceremony for the Partner of the year award, the fastest growing partner of the year award and the RES Software Most Valuable Professional of 2011 award. I was awarded as RSMVP, according to RES because of my blog, social media appearance and the contacts with RES Support and Product Development to improve growth and quality of the products from RES Software.

I want to thank Inter Access for the time I get to write my blog posts and of course everyone at RES Software but special thanks goes out to Bob Dekousemaeker, Grant Tiller and all the helpful and knowledgeable people at RES Support.

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  1. Gareth KitsonGareth Kitson02-22-2012

    Congrats Mate! hope you all had a great time.



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    • k.baggermank.baggerman02-22-2012

      Thanks Aaron!

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