RES HyperDrive – how to reboot your appliance

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As you might notice in my latest blogs I have been doing some work on RES HyperDrive. One of the biggest shortcomings, forgive me if it’s just me,  is finding a simple “reboot” button.

A simple solution would be to use the VMware integration tools to reboot the system in vCenter but this option is greyed out, probably no or faulty VMware tools installation. I didn’t have time to troubleshoot this and don’t want to lose support because of installing/fixing the tools on the appliance.

What I did is create a simple RES Automation Manager task which runs a Unix script with the command “reboot” which gives me the option to reboot the appliance.

The building block is attached to this post but downloading/importing it is probably more work to create it yourself!



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  1. Iain BrightonIain Brighton01-25-2013

    Hi Barry,

    It’s a shame that RES don’t have a para-virtualised enabled images (nudge, nudge). Then we could install the XenServer tools and just be able to right-click in XenCenter and choose “Reboot!” 🙂

    Thanks, Iain

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