GPU Tech Conference (GTC) 2014 Presentation – If You Build It, Will They Come? Better Question Is, Will They Stay?

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I was recently asked to present an session at the GPU Tech Conference 2014, sponsored by NVIDIA ( Below is the description of the session with the attachments and images from the slide deck.  Click here to listen to the 30 minute recorded session online:

Speaker Dane Young (@youngtech), Solutions Architect, Entisys Solutions (

Building on S4726 (Intro to Virtualization) and S4783 (Virtual is Better than Physical), this session will take the audience through the most crucial phases of the development lifecycle: Pilot, Production Build, and Roll-out. Regardless of your motivations and business drivers to virtualize, if users don’t catch the organizational vision, adoption may fail and projects may stall. If not tended to properly, this could turn the organization’s pricey CapEx investment into a rather large paperweight! In this session, attendees will learn from the trenches what to do, and what not to do, when it comes time to extend the virtualized solutions to end users. Staying actively engaged during this phase will ensure that the solution continues to move forward and achieve enterprise adoption.

Click here to download the User Acceptance Testing Checklist mentioned in the presentation

Click here to download the User Acceptance Issue Tracking Spreadsheet mentioned in the presentation

Click any image to view the full slide:

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  1. Casey PiegzikCasey Piegzik03-26-2014

    Great job on the session! Good catching up with you at GTC.

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