XenServer 6.5 Dynamic Memory and NVIDIA GRID vGPU? Now Fixed in 6.5! Go For It!

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Earlier this year I wrote a blog post highlighting an issue that a coworker ran into with XenServer 6.2 Dynamic Memory Control (DMC) and NVIDIA GRID vGPU. You can find that article here:

XenServer Dynamic Memory and NVIDIA GRID vGPU, Don’t Do It!

Talking with a couple Citrix and NVIDIA folks including Rachel Berry, Jason Southern, and David Cottingham, I have been informed that this was fixed and validated with the XenServer 6.5 release (aka Creedence). Considering XenServer 6.5 has officially released for web today, it’s safe to say DMC is now good to go, provided you’re running XenServer 6.5! If you’re going to use XenServer 6.2, please follow my previous advise to avoid Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) scenarios. For more information see the press release:

Citrix Introduces Next-Generation XenServer – Full 64-bit Architecture Delivers Industry-leading GPU Virtualization and Extreme Performance and Scalability for VDI, Server Virtualization and Cloud

Of course, if you run into any challenges testing Dynamic Memory Control (DMC) with XenServer 6.5, please use the NVIDIA GRID forums to flag and highlight your issue. According to the experts at Citrix and NVIDIA it’s now safe to use DMC with NVIDIA vGPU, so test away and let us know your results!

If you have any questions or just want to leave feedback, please use the comments section below or find me on twitter.



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