XenApp 6 Install Fails

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When installing XenApp 6 on Server 2008 R2 it continued to fail no matter which server I tried to install the XenApp Role to. It would simply show the error seen in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1

The Event Viewer showed errors that can be seen in Figure 2 below, but they did not show any real information except that the install failed.

Figure 2

We did an install log dump during the install by running the following command “msiexec /I “path to msi” /L*V C:install.log”. In the log we found the following error:

CtxComPlusAppUnRegister failed with error code 232



After researching the error code we found an older Citrix KB article, CTX113772. Under the Causes and Resolutions section it stated to ensure that both the “COM+ Event System” service and “COM+ System Application” service are started. After looking at a couple of the Server 2008 R2 boxes that were built by the server deployment team I noticed the “COM+ System Application” service was set to Disabled. After setting this service to Manual and starting it I attempted to install the XenApp Role and it was successful. We tried this on a couple other servers and voila!

This environment follows Federal Government OS guidelines so they harden the server operating systems. They disabled the “COM+ System Application” service in the master Server 2008 R2 template, which was the root cause on all of our servers. This issue will apply to any version of the Server OS or XenApp.

Hope this helps…

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