Mandatory profiles and RES Workspace Manager

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The last two days I spend building a PoC for RES Workspace Manager for a customer with 2800 workstations and a Citrix environment, one of the acceptance requirements for this PoC was the ability to use mandatory profiles and save certain settings. Because of the nature of mandatory profiles RES Workspace Manager can be used to store user settings to the user home folder so the next time a user logs on these settings are restored.

A small example is demonstrated here:

So in this case there are users that are able to create their own drive mappings and select printers as they roam trough the organisation. These settings need to be captured by RES Workspace Manager so I create two separate ‘User Settings Templates’ in which I let RES Workspace Manager capture the following registry keys:

Printers: HKEY_CURRENT_USERPrintersConnections*

Drive mappings: HKEY_CURRENT_USERNetwork*

We stored the mandatory profile within the custom files in RES Workspace Manager and pointed to that location in the AD profile path, this way the mandatory profile is always available (via a local cache) for the user logon process.

When you create such a template you can use mandatory profiles and keep these settings so you have all of the benefits that come with mandatory profiles and keep your personal settings. Making the desktop dynamic, a real good feature from RES!

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