RES PowerFuse 2010 and Aero look

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One of my customers discovered that it is possible to use the PowerFuse shell and have the Aero look in Windows. He called RES Support to ask if this was correct and how he could configure this because it adds some extra eye-candy to the user interface. RES could reproduce the setting by logging on with the Windows shell the first time and turn on Aero in the Windows shell, when the user logs off and logs back in with the PowerFuse shell the applications have transparent edges and the Windows key-Tab functionality works.

The only downside on this ‘undocumented feature’ is that Aero isn’t officially not support by RES .  One of the side effects is that the minimize-to-the-desktop button isn’t working any more. The mentioned setting is probably in somewhere in the following key:


I think it would be a nice feature on to the RES PowerFuse shell when this is enabled. Keeping in mind that the power of the PowerFuse shell is the uniformity over all Operating Systems (one look and feel no matter the underlying Operating System)  this feature should be available when choosing the PowerFuse shell. It must be possible to code PowerFuse so that it only enables the Aero look when available, so when you want this feature to please send in a feature request to RES Support to see if they can create this functionality.

When using mandatory profiles, like I wrote about earlier, you can distribute this without problems. Just bare in mind that this configuration is not supported by RES.

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