Citrix: Logon Optimization

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Citrix released another good read on how the logon process in Citrix XenApp and/or XenDesktop works and how to optimize this:

How the Logon Process Works
In order to better understand where time can be shaved from the user logon, we will first review the logon process as shown below: Please note that this diagram focuses on internal users accessing either a XenApp or XenDesktop resource. Additional steps are required based on external access via Access Gateway.


After this the document gives an explanation of the most common causes of logon delays:

  • Logon & Authentication
  • Profile Access Issues
  • GPOs and Startup Procedures
  • Networking Issues
  • Hardware Overutilization
  • Application and Desktop Startup

And it ends with an example of how to monitor this process using Edgesight.

The PDF can be found here

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