Citrix: Collection of XenDesktop 5 Documents, KB Articles, Whitepapers etc

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Ronald Grass just posted a really good collection of reference material for XenDesktop:


I don’t know how you feel about all the different sources of information around XenDesktop 5. To me it’s confusing where all the XenDesktop infos are stored and what are the keywords to find the right content. So I decided to create a collection of links to all the stuff I know of, may it be eDocs, Citrix Kits,  HowTos, Whitepapers, KB Articles, Videos, etc.

XenDesktop MasterClass Videos available ( hey and don’t forget )

Very good XenDesktop 5 PowerShell Blog posts 5 PowerShell SDK Primer Part 3 Creating Pooled Catalogs that Leverage Machine Creation Services

Whitepapers FAQ *HOT! Licensing FAQ XenDesktop 5.0 Quick Start Guide 5 – Reference Architecture Guide: XenDesktop 5 Migration Optimization Guide 5 Database Sizing and Mirroring Best Practices Design-Handbook

HowTos to Create a VMWare User Account with Minimum Permission to Manage Machine Creation Services on XenDesktop 5.0 to Deploy and Configure XenDesktop 5 Virtual Desktop Agents with Active Directory Group Policy to Repair a Site and Unlock Active Directory Accounts if Virtual Machine Creation is Interrupted to Enable Remote Assistance for Desktop Director to Enable Controller Service Logging in XenDesktop 5 to Implement High Availability Features in XenDesktop 5 to Create ICA Launch Files for High Availability Mode to Enable Persistent CDF Tracing in XenDesktop 5 to Deploy and Configure XD 5 VDA with AD Group Policy to Configure XD 5 with Microsoft Hyper-V and SCVMM to Change the XML Port in XenDesktop 5 to Change Virtual Channel Priority in XenDesktop 5 to Manually Install XenDesktop Web Access to Reconfigure a XenDesktop Site to Use a Mirrored Database to Configure XenDesktop for SQL Database Mirroring to Use a Specific SQL port with XenDesktop 5 to Redeploy XenDesktop Without Re-Installing to configure logoff behavior of a Desktop Group in XenDesktop 5 to configure XenDesktop 5 VDA for VLAN tagging in Hyper-V

Tools 2.0* NEW for XenDesktop 5 SQL Profiler Template Session State Monitor Tool Citrix XnapShot

additional XD KB Articles XenDesktop 5 PowerShell online reference *HOT Getting started with PowerShell in XenDesktop 5 XenDesktop 5 – Issues Fixed in This Release 5 Services Overview Access and Permission Model for XenDesktop 5 Entries Used by XenDesktop 5 Broker Service XenDesktop Error: The hosting infrastructure could not be reached at the specified address *READ carefully, MCS needs additional editing of “/” section Sign-On and Xendesktop 5 Recovery Guide for XenDesktop 5 using NetScaler Issues with Active Directory Policies in XenDesktop 5 5 Database Transaction Log Growing Excessively Citrix XenDesktop 5 Support Statement for Microsoft KMS activation with Machine Creation Services (MCS) 5 Downloads Reference List Wizard (now as Hotfix for PVS 5.6 SP1) Studio Logging Options for XenDesktop 5



He also posted:

XenDesktop 4 is still very popular out there and there is a Installation Sequence Recommendation for all the hotefixes released yet

Citrix XenDesktop 4 – Installation Sequence Recommendations for XenDesktop 4 Hotfixes

But keep my earlier blogpost in mind, there’s no supported configuration possible for XenDesktop 4 with MS SQL.

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