UEM: VirtuAll User Environment Manager is released

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Pierre Marmignon just send out the message on Twitter that VUEM is released:

VirtuAll User Environment Manager is an environment management tool designed for virtual desktops but it can also run on traditional desktops.

With VUEM, you can manage your desktops while:

· Eliminating login scripts – With VUEM, you can replace all your login scripts with a centrally managed tool, allowing you to manage all actions the most complex script can do and more. VirtuAll User Environment Manager has been designed to provide a new flexible and efficient solution for virtual desktops environment composition. No more scripts to maintain, only a single console managing the user desktop!
· Optimizing user experience – Includes two different agents: the Console Agent, a command line application designed to execute all actions silently and exit after tasks are done (like a standard logon script), and the UI Agent that will execute with a splash screen and stay in memory after tasks are done. The user will be able to call the UI Agent via a systray icon, and this interface will provide additional features and customizations.
· Getting centralized management With an easy-to-use admin console, gathering all configuration settings, adding a new application shortcut on a specific virtual desktop is now a matter of seconds! All configuration settings are stored in a central Microsoft SQL Database (SQL Server 2000 to 2008 R2, Express Editions supported) ensuring great performance and reliability. 

· Improving visibility – VirtuAll User Environment Manager is using a user based log file to trace all actions. To find applied settings at a glance Administrators can also use Administration Console Modeling Wizard or user side Resultant Actions Viewer.
· Deploying with ease – Agents are stateless so you do not have to specify any setting during setup. All you have to do is to deploy them silently and then activate them through Group Policies.
Licensing Considerations
There are two user license editions that work with unlock codes, one for the Community called a Community License and one for each subscriber a support contract, called a Subscriber License. The Community License is free, and a Subscriber License is delivered with a Maintenance & Support Package that can be purchased via PayPal for an average of $9 USD per year. 

These two editions currently have the same feature set; however, feature sets are subject to change.

VirtuAll User Environment Manager is available in our Downloads Section and you’ll find the Quick start Guide in ourDocumentations Section.


Surely I’m going to try this in our test environment. I don’t know if it’s a real threat to RES Software or AppSense but I’ve been to Pierre’s session at BriForum and I really enjoyed seeing him talking about this solution. Like I said on Twitter: It’s awesome to see that somebody is passionated about their product!

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