Citrix: Setting up Merchandising Server, Task canceled by a user

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Today I was setting up a Citrix Merchandising Server. This is the virtual appliance that you can download from MyCitrix and the one I downloaded was the OVA file for vSphere. When I tried to import the OVA file I got an error: Task canceled by a user at 99%. After some research I found the following article: CTX128895.

This contains the following:


When importing .obf files to Merchandising server running on VMWare 4.1.0 ESXi, the user receives the following error message:

“Task was canceled by a user”

The following report is returned when importing:

~~~Deploy OVF templateCitrix Merchandising Server 2.1The task was canceled by a user.Waiting for host <FQDN> (1/1) port data update task to complete<domain name><username><FQDN> ~~~


Extract the .obf files with WinRar and import them.

So I downloaded WinRAR, opened the .OVA file and extracted them to a seperate folder on my hard drive. After the extraction I followed the instructions to import the .ovf file from the Citrix eDocs pages.

Remarkable: In these eDocs pages the following is stated “Note: Unzipping and manually importing the .ova file is not supported.” But because the CTX article clearly states differently I just followed the instructions mentioned and in my case it did work.

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