RES Automation Manager: Time sync issues

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One of my customers had some time sync issues, we’ve build a new domain based on Windows 2008 R2 and all the DC’s in the new domain where configured with the core switch(es) as NTP server and the time on these switches where right. So we went on searching and apparently somebody turned on the following feature:

[singlepic id=60 w=960 h=420 float=none]


By doing this the RES AM Agent syncs the time of the target machine with the datastore and there was a mismatch between the datastore and the NTP servers. After disabling this feature the NTP functionality made sure that the time was in sync with the original NTP servers again.

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  1. k.baggermank.baggerman08-24-2011

    This isn’t Patrick’s blog Rob 🙂 And I tend to use a regular NTP server rather than using a clientside application to sync time

  2. Rob AartsRob Aarts08-24-2011

    Known issue indeed Patrick, you can use AM do schedule a “net time /yes” command to all agents to fix it….

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