Microsoft: App-V and RES Workspace Manager: Error 46075A9-1B401F6C-0000005

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I was creating an unattended installation of the App-V 4.6 x64 for RDS using RES Automation Manager, I used an installation script from somebody else as source for this installation and the installation went without any problems.  I accessed the server via a published desktop managed by RES Workspace Manager to test an application that was delivered via App-V but I couldn’t launch the application and it came up with the following errors in the eventviewer:


So that’s a clear access denied event… When I tried to launch the same application via RDP as Administrator I was able to launch the application so I had to figure out why I couldn’t launch this application as a user.

After talking to a colleague I accessed the application with my test user from a published desktop without RES Workspace Manager and I was able to start the application without any problems. When this happened I could see what was causing this problem; Because we where testing a complete unattended installation of the Citrix XenApp 6.5 Runbook we reinstalled this server a couple of times, while this installation didn’t gave any problems RES Workspace Manager didn’t add this ‘new’ machine to the proper workspace container:


After removing this old agent from the workspace container and adding the new agent to the workspace container:



I was able to launch the application without problems:




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