Citrix: Windows 8 CP and the VDA installation, how it still fails..

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As the Customer Preview of Windows 8 was released yesterday and I had some additional time today I wanted to install the VDA in the Windows 8 CP. I already tried it with the Windows 8 developers release but that wouldn’t work, it came up with the Windows 8 version of a BSOD. So with this new release and the release of VDA Version 5.5.100 I thought why not just try again.


So I installed VMware Workstation 8 and loaded the Windows8-ConsumerPreview-64bit-English.iso and followed the install steps on HelmersBlog, after installation I downloaded the VDA as mentioned above.  When I tried the installation it gave an error that Windows 7, Vista or XP (strange how 7 is listed first btw) was needed to install this VDA.


win8_05Next step was to download ORCA to create a MST file so this requirement wasn’t bothering my installation again, after the download and installation I opened the MSI, created an MST and edited the LaunchCondition. After saving the MST I could run the command to install the MSI using the MST without the version check:


XdsAgent_x64.MSI TRANSFORMS=DisableVersionCheck.mst

After running this command I could get past the version check but the installer warned me about the .Net Framework 3.5 SP1, this is a default Windows 8 feature so I could enable it from the Control Panel – Programs and Features:



win8_08But during the installation it went to a BSOD with the stopcode STOP 0x0000001E: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, I’m going to look into this but according to Barry Schiffer it has something to do with the graphics so I guess I’ll be fooling around some more with this install. I’ll keep you posted and if you have some suggestions just let me know!


Got an update last week from Martijn Bosschaart (System Engineer Citrix BeNeLux:

“There are some architecture changes within Win8 which you will not hack your way around at this point ;)”

So there’s no way this will work using the current available VDA.

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