RES Workspace Manager and language packs

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A lot of our customers ask for multi language support in their SBC setup, Microsoft provides MUI’s for specific languages which can be installed on the base OS. When using default settings you’ll have to log out and then log in to have the changed language settings. But if you use RES PowerFuse 2010/RES Workspace Manager 2011 you can create this functionality without the need of logging off.

First you’ll have to install the RES language packs, these are available from the RES partner portal. After that you’ll have to install the MUI’s for the OS and Office.  Then you have to ‘map’ the language packs in the RES PowerFuse console:


After this you can create a registry change for each language, go to ‘Composition’, ‘Other’ and click on ‘User Registry’. Click on ‘Add’ and add the key to select the OS language.

Note: This registry key depends on your operating system. The reg key in the image is used for Windows 2008 R2.


Now you can go to ‘Access Control’ and select ‘Language’. Please select the language of the MUI you’re creating this entry for:


Now if a user changes his language from ‘RES PowerFuse Settings’ , ‘Workspace Preferences’, ‘Language’  and clicks on ‘Apply settings now’ the language settings are applied as soon as the workspace refresh is done.

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