Script: Create a list of Windows Updates installed

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I was troubleshooting some issues and I needed a way to collect an overview of Windows Updates installed on a couple of machines and after some digging around I found the following command line:

gwmi Win32_QuickFixEngineering | select Description, Hotfixid

But because I had to run this command on several different machines and wanted the information in one logfile I had to search for the Win32_QuickFixEnginereering properties to see if there’s a property which can make the results unique. On the MS technet site I found the following description:

Table 8.11 Win32_QuickFixEngineering Properties

Property Description
CSName Local name of the computer system.
Description Description of the hot fix.
HotFixID Unique identifier associated with a particular hot fix.
InstallDate Date the hot fix was installed.
InstalledBy Person who installed the update.

So I added the CSName property and a location to write the results to and I had a good listing of all windows updates installed:

gwmi Win32_QuickFixEngineering | select CSName, Description, Hotfixid  >> \contoso.localNETLOGONVersionControl.txt

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  1. k.baggermank.baggerman09-08-2011

    Jeff, I found that one as well but it doesn’t format the output as nicely as the script above? This was out of the box what I needed while the technet blog needs some work in order to make it useful (for me that is :))

  2. Jeff WoutersJeff Wouters09-08-2011

    Good script!
    And for the ones that rather use PowerShell :

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